I wanted to make an opening title for an animated soap opera sitcom. The main inspiration to make this video are the underground french comic books such as Druillet and Moebius and of course animated sitcom like Rick and Morty and The amazing world of Gumball.

I did enjoyed trying plenty of new processes in animation : modeling, shading, rigging, making some traditional animation...
I was really into making long shots, camera animation and make good edit cuts.
Then my HD drive made a strange noise, tic tic tac, and everything on it, including this project were ereased.
Eventualy, I found some exploitables bugreport files, it was enough for me to go ahead and finish this project that I simply named "Lost Tape".
Fortunately the incident also erased terribles sequences.
It was almost one year ago.

So, I am proud to introduce you this project LOST TAPE | LA BANDE PERDUE.
The music was made by a good friend of mine Victor Maître.
Boom Bam Boom!
The character bellow was roughly designed by my nephew, I wanted to make him contributing despite him. Aw aw aw
Tinnin, tin tin tin tin tin!
By the way, the title LA BANDE PERDUE have a double meaning in french if you don't speak it you can't get it.
"You cannot have the butter and the money from the butter".
I made this video for my own pleasure, but I hope you have enjoyed watching it.

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