Kappastore asked Les films du dissident to make a video promoting the launch of their e-shop for KAPPA UK, Spain and France. 

Kappa asked me to explore and expand the universe I created in my project called Les Contemplations for their movie:

"At dusk a young man all dressed in Kappa joins his friends, where they will contemplate the urban sights 
and neon colored buildings."

Production : Les Films du Dissident
Music : Laboreal
Art direction : Bertrand Signorelli
Motion design : Bertrand Signorelli
Illustration : Yann Letort aka Nayled
3D art : Thomas Cousin
Character design 
I had a new opportunity to work with my good friend Yann Letort aka Nayled, who did the character design and the still images which I integrated in the video. 

Character modeling
"A poses" we needed to make 3D models for our different characters.

The animatic with the first edit of the music composed by Laboreal

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