📼 "Lost Tape" is the animated sitcom soap opera's opening title sequence. This video finds its primary inspiration in underground French comic books, with a nod to the works of Druillet and Moebius, as well as beloved animated sitcoms like 'Rick & Morty' and 'The Amazing World of Gumball.' 🚀

The music for this project was thoughtfully composed by my talented friend, Victor Maître.

Below are some stillframes and detailed breakdowns.

I was really into making long shots, camera animation and make good edit cuts.

Boom Bam Boom!

Upon completing the modeling of my two characters, Mixamo granted me the opportunity to animate my two heroes in a myriad of ways, including actions like running, driving, and wielding weapons.

I've been experimenting with a blend of techniques, incorporating elements such as creating shots in C4D, utilizing Arnold for rendering, achieving a balance between realistic imagery and cell-shaded animation, handling composition in Adobe After Effects, and incorporating VFX using Adobe Animate.


The character below was roughly sketched by my nephew, and I aimed to involve him in the creative process, even though he may not have been fully aware of it.

I created this video for my personal enjoyment, 
and I sincerely hope you found it enjoyable as well.

Thanks for Watching

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